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Racking Solutions

Whether you want to take better advantage of your current space, or you are building a new warehouse, ColbyRACK pallet racking solutions can be tailored quickly, easily and economically to your commercial storage needs.

Shelving Systems

Our comprehensive warehouse shelving range includes everything from steel shelving to carton live storage, making our selection of industrial shelving a practical solution to any of your storage needs.

Conveyor Systems

Transportation conveyors can flow throughout your facility, eliminating rehandling before and after each process, and can even be loaded and unloaded automatically; reducing the amount of manual handling needed.

Raised Storage Areas

Colby’s Raised Storage Areas are cost-effective mezzanine solutions that can double the usable floor area in your factory or distribution centre. Safe and secure, raised floor storage will give you access to an overhead work area without interrupting ground-level workflow.

Warehouse Safety

Our state-of-the-art product, Colby Protect-a-RACK will keep your equipment safe from any accidents or inevitable forklift impacts, which will ensure your commercial grade racking stands the test of time.  


From conducting warehouse audits through to the aftercare and maintenance of your commercial storage solutions, Colby will be there every step of the way to look after your investment.


All of our ColbyRACK racking components are designed and manufactured right here in Australia, and are produced using only the finest materials and high-strength steel. Smart section design, including strengthening ribs and reinforcing flanges, as well as strong frame braces, impact protection, and secure beam clips will ensure lasting safety.

Smarter, Safer,

Stronger Storage

At Total Storage Systems, we believe in providing high-quality, durable, and safe warehouse storage and material handling equipment.