Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is commonly used in warehouses for order picking locations often incorporated in to the lower section of selective racking.

It can also be free standing, decked in either board or mesh decking.

When using mesh decks, dividers, bins front and rear panel may be fitted to separate bin locations.

Available in many widths and depths to suit a variety of products.

Modular steel shelves are available in a variety of sizes to suit bay width and frame depth. All shelves are provided in high quality powder-coated finish in attractive APO grey.

Stiffeners can be integrated into shelves to minimise deflection and ensure optimum load bearing capability.

Ideal for use with steel shelves, our rollformed tubular step beam profile offers excellent compatibiltiy with standard particleboard shelves and 30mm deep Colby steel RET shelves.

The shelf gives extra strength in longspan applications up to 2.4m shelf width, while retaining strong load carrying capabilities up to 300 kg per shelf.

Bolted baseplates provide stable load bearing capability without using excess space.  Frames are available in a variety of depths up to 800mm.

Colby longspan
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Our comprehensive warehouse shelving range includes everything from steel shelving to carton live storage, making our selection of industrial shelving a practical solution to any of your storage needs.

Colby Longspan Shelving Brochure

Download Our Longspan Shelving Brochure

Our Longspan Shelving Systems are light-duty shelves that will make general-purpose storage easier than ever for items like boxes, cartons, and totes, as well as archive files, and a host of other light-weight products.