Pallet Live Storage

Pallet Live Storage (PLS)

With Pallet Live Storage pallets are stored on incline tracks with rollers. As a pallet is removed, the one behind rolls gently into place.

The advantage using this type of storage is;

  • Automatic stock rotation (FIFO, first in first out)
  • Pallets self feed when front pallet is removed
  • East of stock replenishment without interruption to the pick face

 Our range of uprights, beams, frames, and connectors are made from guaranteed, high-quality, high-tensile steel. Smart section design including strengthening ribs and reinforcing flanges ensure outstanding safety.

Colby pallet live storage
Colby Pallet Live Storage

The Colby Pallet Storage system includes:

  • Rack uprights in a range of widths, depths, and thicknesses
  • Strong frame bracing
  • Pallet stoppers at the front of roller tracks
  • Safety guards to prevent forklift access in pedestrian-only areas
  • Hysteresis wheels for long lanes to provide gentle braking
  • Racking end protection for safe operation
  • Front and rear upright protectors to minimise damage
Colby pallet storage solutions brochure

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ColbyRACK is proudly designed, engineered, and made at our facility in Sydney, and is built with local steel. 

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