Selective Racking

Selective Racking

Selective Pallet Racking can be serviced by virtually any type of forklift including counterbalance, reach and walkie. Requiring a relatively low capital investment per pallet stored, it is ideal where pallet selectivity is required.

Pick faces can be incorporated into the rack with the fitting of lower level light duty beams, either decked in particle boards or mesh desk.  This type of shelving is called ‘Longspan’.

Heavy duty upright and end rack protection is also available to protect your investment (see Warehouse Safety page).

Colby Selective Racking

By storing pallets single-deep, operators are able to get to any pallet at any time, without needing to shuffle stock around. This saves you time, and is great for applications where you hold only a few pallets per item.

Selective racking is also the ideal solution if space is limited and you only have a few pallets that you need to get off the floor.

Why Selective Racking?

Designed by Colby’s leading Australian structural engineers, Colby Selective Pallet Racking is designed to ensure safety, integrity, and compliance, meeting rigorous international structural standards – and exceeding Australian standards

Our range of uprights, beams, frames, and connectors are made from guaranteed, high quality, high-tensile steel. Smart section design including strengthening ribs and reinforcing flanges ensure outstanding safety.

Colby invests continuously in product development for reliable racking components. Better products ensure years of outstanding performance.

Colby Selective Racking
The ColbyRACK system includes:
  • Rack uprights in a range of widths, depths, and thicknesses
  • A versatile range of beam sections, with three or four-tang welded connectors
  • The unique diamond-slot profile which provides a stronger and more efficient interlock between upright and beam
  • Strong frame bracing
  • Shelving options with mesh decks or particle boards
  • Racking end protection for safe operation
  • Front and rear upright protectors to minimise damage

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ColbyRACK is proudly designed, engineered, and made at our facility in Sydney, and is built with local steel.